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Show your guest “How Sweet it Is” by sending them off with Honey!

I had thought that this would be an ending trend over the last few years but I’ve seen it more and more just in the last few months at weddings. One of my couples were originally from Pennsylvania and wanted to give their guests some Orange Blossom Honey to incorporate their move to the Sunshine State.

Being asked a hundred times, “What should we do as favors for our guests?” It brought me to this post. No you do not have to give your guest honey or a candy buffet. But what I do suggest it giving them something they will use, and that is usually something edible. You do not want your hard earned money going to waste in sometimes curio cabinet or God forbid their next yard sale. Edible favors are always FAVORED! Pun VERY MUCH intended.

There have been so many different takes on the edible favor its Cray Cray, from honey to candy buffets EVEN a S’mores Bar, YES PLEASE!

How creative will you be with your favors?

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