Wedding Cake Wednesday | Travel Themed Cake | Orlando Wedding

Wedding Cake Cutting and Smashing is by far one of my all time favorite photography moments at a wedding.  That moment when you are unsure if you will be smelling fondant or buttercream for the next few days.  Thinking how bad will this really be? He/She could never be mean to me….HA!  Right!  I remember shoving up my husband’s nose and straight over his big bald head!  Yep, it totally went down like that!


Suitcase Wedding Cake

But sometimes seeing the cakes that have been created make me sad to see them being eating, yeah I said it.

While second shooting for an amazing photographer I was able to capture this gorgeous creation by Sprinkles here in Winter Park, Florida.  The couple LOVED to travel, so much so that they had a completely themed their wedding around it and it was beautiful.  Such a great way to show their future travels as husband and wife!

In what way are you adding your favorite parts of your relationship to your wedding day?

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