Canoe Creek Family Dental | Skyline Construction | Saint Cloud Real Estate Photographer

building photos - Semm-Faber Photography


building photos - Semm-Faber Photography

Canoe Creek Family Dental just opened their doors a few months ago in Saint Cloud, Florida and I was contacted by the contracting company Skyline Construction to take the building photos.  I must say that whoever designed this office space is extremely talented.  Its gorgeous!  They have a mini fridge and Keurig machine in the lobby add in a flat screen TV to keep up with the daily events and you are all set.  The orange, brown and gold tones throughout made the space warm and inviting, not to mention the very hospitable staff.

While waiting to get into some of the rooms to take the photographs I was offered food, drink and too many smiles to count.  You can view more information about the office and the dentist Amrita Singh, DMD on their webpage.  But first check out the slideshow below to get a taste of this beautiful space!

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